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Joining the Choir

The Christchurch Boys' Choir operates all year round, with rehearsals every week during school term time. Auditions are by appointment only.

To request an audition please follow the link on the Auditions page.

Why join the choir?

  1. Boys will get the chance to work with an experienced musical team who have years of experience in vocal tutoring and conducting.

  2. Boys will get the chance to learn new singing techniques and sing amazing repertoire, from early music, classic choral, to modern day jazz/pop/musicals.

  3. They will also gain confidence, build positive friendships within the choir and make friends for life.

Who may join the choir?

To be eligible for choir membership, applicants must:

  1. Have a treble voice. Boys with changing/breaking voices may be accepted into the choir on a case by case basis. A broken voice does not mean the end of singing for boys/men!

  2. Have a good voice and musical knowledge

  3. Be keen to learn.

The Commitment

The choir rehearses every Monday during the school term from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

There is also a fee of $250 a year. Financing options are available if this fee cannot be paid at once. The choir is happy to accept this payment broken up into smaller payments throughout the year.

There may be a camp sometime during the year, where a small subsidised fee will be charged.

The Audition Process

To see what will be required of an applicant in the audition process,  please download the document listed below.

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